Napoleon wrasse, Cheilinus undulatus, probably taken from a spawning aggregation. Credit: Michael Giningele

Six major islands and more than 900 smaller islands comprise the Solomon Islands, located east of Papua New Guinea. The Solomon Islands are spread over 8 degrees of latitude and 14 degrees of longitude. A multitude of channels and extensive shallow coral reefs provide a wealth of habitat for fish spawning aggregations and many, involving a variety of marine species, have been reported by fishers. Many of those have been targeted by subsistence fishers for generations. However, more recently, commercialized fishing both for domestic export to the capital Honiara (Rhodes et al. 2019) and for the live reef food fish trade (starting in 1994) have resulted in aggregation losses, and declines in fish numbers throughout much of the country.

Although the LRFFT largely ceased following a national ban, domestic targeting of fish spawning aggregations continues, with ongoing declines documented for some sites (Hughes et al. 2020). In 2018, the Solomon Islands government instituted a 1 October to 31 January ban on the sale, export and possession of groupers to stem declines. However the nation’s large geographic scale and the known seasonal variations in spawning times mean that many aggregation sites remain unprotected from fishing under current legislation. As one of the Pacific Islands countries still practicing marine tenure, community-based management has great potential to assist in aggregation management.

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