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SCRFA Wins Award at Reef Renaissance Film Festival

"Snapper Spawn", a short film by SCRFA won the “Dotcomentary” Short for Internet Category Award at the Reef Renaissance Film Festival on 8 July 2014.
The film was screened at the gala event in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, in celebration and promotion of World Oceans Day.

"This is a great honour and recognition of hard work with passion to show a broad audience the true wonders of fish aggregations, and the need to protect them", says Dr Brad Erisman, film director and SCRFA Board member.




SCRFA Student Award 2014

Applications are now open for the 2014 Student Award!

SCRFA will help fund a student working on fish aggregations in the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean Region to attend and present a paper at the next Gulf & Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI) meeting in Barbados, November 2014.

"The SCRFA Award is to encourage and help students to work on fish aggregations and show case their ideas and work at GCFI", says Martin Russell, Chair of SCRFA.

 To apply for the award, visit SCRFA Student Award web page

Also available in [Español]

thumb SCRFA Student Award 2013 

In 2013, the inaugural award was presented to Ashley Ruffo, Masters student at University of US Virgin Islands



SCRFA is an international marine conservation NGO 501(c)(3)

As a non-profit organisation based in the USA, we work on fish aggregations globally. We provide scientific and management information and participate in international committees, meetings and workshops to promote responsible stewardship of fish aggregations.

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Why work on fish aggregations?                                        
  Many fishes form aggregations for reproduction or feeding

  For most fishes, spawning aggregations are unique opportunities to reproduce 

  Unmanaged fishing on aggregations, especially spawning aggregations, can rapidly deplete fish populations, impacting on the ecosystem and the livelihoods of those who depend on the fish

  Take a look at this 3-minute film about the importance of aggregations: Spawning for Survival. 




 cropped-grouper-aggregation wstearns-100-kb

 fiji09 workshop group photo small 
SCRFA/SPC Workshop, Fiji 2009 

Martin y Yvonne PFMartin Russell & Yvonne Sadovy at The Packard Foundation, 2013 


IMG 0121GCFI Board of Directors, Texas 2013





Partners & Patrons

SCRFA has several partners and patrons who support our work on fish aggregations.
These are our main partners:

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Film Release

Snapper Spawn
   A short film by SCRFA

Filmed in the turquoise waters of Palau, this spectacular short film directed by Dr Brad Erisman from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Alfredo Barroso a world class videographer from Mexico brings to the world stage the mysterious and fragile phenomenon of Two-Spot Red Snapper aggregating to spawn in their thousands - it's a brief insight into their fascinating world.

Watch Snapper Spawn... short film

...during a recent SCRFA expedition, Brad and Alfredo witnessed and filmed using high definition cameras this spectacular fish spawning aggregation. Not only an incredible experience for Brad and Alfredo, but one of only a few opportunities each year for these fish to gather and create the next generation of fish.


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SCRFA has a Perspectives article in each Newsletter

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SCRFA Blog is available in English and Spanish.

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The status of most of the world's fish aggregations: Many are decreasing and some are gone!

SCRFA's Fish Aggregation Database is the only database of its kind in the world.

It holds extensive information on the worlds fish aggregations, including spatial and temporal characteristics and the current status, (Sadovy et al. 2008), from published and unpublished literature, natural history accounts, and field research.

The database currently hold almost records for 44 fish families, with most records for Serranidae, Lutjanidae, Carangidae, Acanthuridae, Siganidae, Labridae, and Scaridae.

The Database provides an important baseline on aggregation status today and is available for query, reference, and additions on-line. The Database establishes a basis for planning, education and research, and for identifying conservation and management needs (Sadovy and Domeier 2005). We continue to supplement the database with new records or updated information, and currently have over 900 individual aggregation site records.

The database is publically available for searching. No login is required to search the database for basic fish aggregation information records globally (note that actual aggregation site locations are not publically available).

We encourage practitioners to enter information on fish aggregations, and a login is required to do this. If you are interested in entering more information of aggregations, please email us.

Use the Database now: 

Open Database…