Like birds, marine fish aggregate to breed or feed

  Spawning aggregations are the only time most marine fish breed the next generation of fish

  Badly managed fishing on aggregations can quickly deplete fish stocks, making our oceans un-healthy and less resiliant, which affects the livelihoods of those who depend on the fish 


SCRFA - an international science & conservation NGO 501(c)(3)

SCRFA provides science and management information on marine fish aggregations. Our Board of Directors work in international committees, meetings and workshops to promote responsible stewardship of fish aggregations. We help with researching and managing fish aggregations globally, with recent projects in Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. 


SCRFA has a global database on fish spawning aggregations. The only database of its kind, with a unique insight into over 1000 observations of fish aggregations globally. Open Database

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We have a fantastic selection of fish aggregation photos from around the world, take a look into this amazing arena of fish spawning. We are also keen to get more photos of these hard to photograph events, so let us know if you have any to upload. Open Photo Gallery

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