Like many birds and other vertebrates, lots of marine fishes aggregate to breed or feed

  Spawning aggregations are the only time that these marine fishes produce the next generation of fish

  Un-managed fishing on aggregations can quickly deplete fish stocks, reducing their productivity and making the fisheries less resilient; this affects livlihoods and food security, and can even threaten species 


SCRFA - an international science & conservation NGO 501(c)(3)

SCRFA provides scientific and practical management information on marine fish aggregations to improve their protection and enhance their resiliance. Our methods manual, case studiesresearch and outreach all contribute to a better understanding of aggregations and the need to manage them. 

Our Directors work globally in academic institutions, NGOs and government, and participate in international committees and at conferences and workshops to promote responsible stewardship of fish aggregations. We also provide training and support, and guide research. Ongoing projects involve engagement in the Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. 

Latest News


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Why you should know about spawning aggregations


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SCRFA has a global database of fish spawning aggregations. This database is the only one of its kind and gives a unique insight into over 1000 fish spawning aggregations globally. The database is open for public use, and data can be added.

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Photos and Films

We have a fantastic photo gallery of aggregations and aggregating fish species by wonderful photographers from around the world. These give you an insigt into the amazing world of aggregating fishes. We are also keen to get more photos of these hard to photograph events, so please let us know if you have any you can share with us.

 cropped-grouper-aggregation wstearns-100-kb

 We also have a few short films about fish aggregations. 


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SCRFA has a range of educational products such as info-brochures for your use.