Film Release - Snapper Spawn


SCRFA Wins Award at Reef Renaissance Film Festival

"Snapper Spawn", a short film by SCRFA won the “Dotcomentary” Short for Internet Category Award at the Reef Renaissance Film Festival on 8 July 2014.
The film was screened at the gala event in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, in celebration and promotion of World Oceans Day.

"This is a great honour and recognition of hard work with passion to show a broad audience the true wonders of fish aggregations, and the need to protect them", says Dr Brad Erisman, film director and SCRFA Board member.



Filmed in the turquoise waters of Palau, this spectacular short film directed by Dr Brad Erisman from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Alfredo Barroso a world class videographer from Mexico brings to the world stage the mysterious and fragile phenomenon of Two-Spot Red Snapper aggregating to spawn in their thousands - it's a brief insight into their fascinating world.


Watch Snapper Spawn...

...during a recent SCRFA expedition, Brad and Alfredo witnessed and filmed using high definition cameras this spectacular fish spawning aggregation. Not only an incredible experience for Brad and Alfredo, but one of only a few opportunities each year for these fish to gather and create the next generation of fish.

"This species is a good example for understanding how evolutionary history, environmental conditions, human impacts, and habitat combine to shape the behavioral dynamics of fish spawning aggregations. They choose the locations and phase of the moon to give the young the best chance of survival, something that has likely taken thousands of years to fine tune.” - Dr Brad Erisman

Throughout the wold's coral reefs, fish aggregate to spawn at specific times and locaions. This makes them vulnerable to exploitation.

"As we learn more about aggregations such as these throughout the world's reefs, we understand the importance of protecting them. We must preserve spawning aggregations - without them the fish will disappear." - Martin Russell, CEO, SCRFA