Title Published Date
1. Spawning Aggregation Seasonal Closure

Mutton snapper spawning aggregation seasonal closure is in effect in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.


08 Mar 10
2. Spawning Aggregations Video

Some videos about fish spawning aggregations and related issues can be found here:


08 Mar 10
3. Gulf Corvina Research

Gulf Corvina Research conducted by Gulf of California Marine Program, Center For Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92093-0202

23 Feb 10
4. Petition to designate the Cordelia Banks, Honduras
Petition called for the designation of the Cordelia Banks, located offshore and adjacent to Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, is home to: a Grouper aggregation and spawning site, a threatened population of Caribbean Reef Sharks, and the largest growth of endangered Staghorn corals in the area.
12 Feb 10
5. Nassau Grouper research receives boost

News from the Cayman Islands reported that a number of dive firms have come together to donate advanced diving equipments for the staff of Department of Environment to carry out their research on Nassau Grouper.

12 Feb 10
6. Bermuda: A Bonanza of Black Grouper, Sargassum Fish and Much, Much More

Blog entry by Anna and Ned DeLoach with Paul Humann including Black Grouper spawning aggregations in Bermuda: http://fishid.com/marinelifeblog/?p=847

12 Feb 10
7. Barred Sand Bass Spawning Movements and Habitat Characterization

California Department of Fish and Game is conducting research on Barred Sand Bass spawning movements and habitat characterization.

12 Feb 10
8. REEF - Grouper Moon Project

Grouper Spawning Aggregation Research Continues in 2010: scientists and project volunteers from REEF and their partner institutions, the Cayman Islands Department of the Environment and Oregon State University, are getting ready for another year of the Grouper Moon Project.

12 Feb 10
9. Vulnerability of the Goliath Grouper Population in Florida

Vulnerability of the Goliath Grouper Population in Florida by Coleman & Koenig Laboratory, The Florida State University (Please check the link here)

27 Jan 10
10. Shortened Nassau Grouper Spawning Closure Next Season in Bahamas

The decision has been made to have a fishing closure for Nassau Grouper of 2 months (1 Jan to 28 Feb 2010) from 3 months in recent years. 

03 Dec 09